How to withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa in Kenya on Paxful

How to withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa
How to withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa
How to withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa

Glad you checked this out. Before you begin to ponder on How to Withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa, How easy was it for you to Buy your First Bitcoin? If it was easy for you to Buy Bitcoin via MPesa, you will also realize that it is even much easier to Convert Bitcoins to MPesa.

Choose any of the amounts below to Withdraw Bitcoins to your MPesa in Kenya Shillings right away

Scan QR code to withdraw your Bitcoins to your MPesa registered number

Before I show you How to Withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa in Kenya, should you also want to Learn How to Withdraw US Dollars from PayPal to Kenya Shillings via MPesa, check out this short PayPal to MPesa tutorial that I did here below.

How to Withdraw US Dollars from PayPal to Kenya Shillings via MPesa

This article’s content is primarily for those who want to cash and convert their Bitcoin to MPesa and Cash their Bitcoin to Kenya Shillings.

Do you want to know what is the Bitcoin Price in Kenya Shillings right now? Check out the current Bitcoin Price in Kenya Shillings now and also view the historical records for Bitcoin Price trend in Kenya Shillings for the past Years here at Bitcoin Price in Kenya Shillings.

Now that you already know How to Buy Bitcoins in Kenya and maybe also How to Buy Ethereum in Kenya using MPesa, you do not have to wait to read thru the entire post to Sell and Withdraw your Bitcoins to MPesa, check out the Current Bitcoin Price in Kenya Shillings now and then review which one of these Bitcoin to MPesa offers in KShs best suits the amount of Bitcoins that you would want to Convert to Kenya Shillings and get your cash credited to your MPesa right away.

That said, have you considered to Verify your Paxful Bitcoin Account in Kenya? You need to Verify your Bitcoin Account so as to remove any Bitcoin Withdrawal limits.

Visit this Bitcoin Price in Kenya Shillings web page to view the Current Bitcoin Price as of right now together with Historical Bitcoin Prices in Kenya Shillings.

Current and Historical Bitcoin Price in Kenya Shillings

If you landed here while looking for information on How to find Bitcoin Traders who are selling Bitcoins in Kenya, check out these Kenyan Bitcoin Traders selling Bitcoin via MPesa to get started.

This post presumes that you already own Bitcoins in your Bitcoin Wallet in Kenya and that you can comfortably distinguish, make comparisons and tell apart the unique features and properties of a Kenyan Registered Bitcoin Wallet and a Mobile Money Wallet that is Registered in Kenya all of which are essential and basic requirements for anyone in Kenya to be able to Buy and Sell Bitcoins locally in Kenya.

How to Withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa in Kenya by Selling your Bitcoins on Paxful Bitcoins Exchange

In about 5 minutes, I will show you how to convert your Bitcoins to MPesa hassle FREE. Just read on. This post will be brief and straight to the point. Ready we get started?

Here is the full Detailed Information on How to Withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa

Background Information

Using Bitcoins to make payments in Kenya may not have very many use cases as of right now though this is going to change very soon as Bitcoin holders will soon discover in a few days to come.

By the way, if you still had second thoughts and doubts about the credibility and legitimacy of Bitcoins, see this screenshot below of a tweet by Standard Chartered Bank intimating that Cryptos like Bitcoin are getting ingrained in the way we will be doing our Financial Transactions.

For the doubting thomases, check the tweet above on Standard Chartered Bank‘s twitter profile posted on August 2020 here

Progressive Banks are realising that they can no longer ignore Crypto Assets like Bitcoin. It is a new dawn for Cashless Transactions all over the World. It is essential to start learning about Bitcoins and other related Cryptos now.

Do you know How and Where to Register for a Bitcoin Wallet account in Kenya for use in Buying and Selling Bitcoins?

Let’s continue. I will now show you how to convert your Bitcoins to MPesa in Kenya.

Historical and Current Bitcoin Price in Kenya Shillings

To withdraw Bitcoin to MPesa, simply decide on the amount of Bitcoins you want to withdraw to MPesa, choose a Trusted Bitcoin Trader on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange from whom you can transact with and they deposit cash to your MPesa for you to withdraw. That’s all. It is that easy!

Let’s now get started and understand how this is done in details. Are you ready?

Being not able to pay utility bills, pay for goods and services in Kenya with Bitcoins can make you feel like you are holding to some other country’s currency that is not accepted in Kenya.

Do not fret! You are not the only one. I will elaborate shortly.

Very many other new Bitcoins and crypto coins holders in Kenya may be feeling the same.

To begin with, it is easy to convert your Bitcoins to Kenya Shillings.

Infact, you will be surprised why you never thought about what I am going to share here with you.

Anyway, when we soon get there, like in some of the countries where there is increased uptake of crypto currency coins as an accepted form of payment, you will marvel at the efficiency and use of Bitcoins in making online payments on e-commerce platforms.

Cash Bitcoin to Kenya Shillings

As is the case with any new technology, new product, new policy there are hurdles to be crossed before everything else normalizes and people accept and adapt to the new and better way of doing things.

When MPesa first rolled out, people …resistedWeeh!

People came up with all manner of excuses alluding to why MPesa would not succeed!

It was not an easy thing to convince people that they could leave their cash (… deposit) at a green painted shop (… MPesa shop) that opened business the other day and expect that shop to credit that cash to their phone!

Kenyans were not buying into any of that nonsense (… they would camp at that green shop where they deposited their cash) until they confirmed that the person on the other end was able to walk into another green shop at their locality and withdraw the cash they had sent to them. Hahaa!

Today, if you ask some of those folks who cast a dark cloud on the success and reliability of MPesa as a mobile money service, they will gleefully tell you without flinching that they have trust in how the MPesa vodoo works!

They currently do not doubt it anymore!

All those fears are now in the past and are no longer valid worries as of today.

Mobile money services like MPesa, have become ingrained in almost all aspects of our lives.

You can pay school fees, pay bills, buy airtime, pay for services and goods and buy almost everything that is on sale with MPesa.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency coins unlike MPesa in Kenya aspire to make it possible for you to buy and sell anything anywhere anytime in the whole world.

Buy Bitcoins instantly using MPesa on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange

With a stash of Bitcoins in your Digital Wallet you should …and soon you will be able to go to any country and buy anything or pay for goods and services without converting into their local currency.

You could for instance, tour several countries and make all your payments with only Bitcoins but since many businesses have not yet adapted and started accepting Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency coins as forms of payments, there will be need to convert Bitcoins to local currency e.g. to Kenya Shillings.

There are a couple of ways you could use to convert your Bitcoins to Kenya Shillings.

How to withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa?

I will show you in a moment how to do this in my way.

There are alternatives but this is how I would do it real quick and Get to choose the Best rates currently on offer in the market.

In summary, this is How to withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa in 1 minute on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange.

Firstly, identify a Trusted Bitcoins Trader dealing in Bitcoins withdrawal to MPesa transactions on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange. Thereafter, send Bitcoins you want to withdraw to them then wait for a minute as they send your Bitcoins equivalent in Cash to your MPesa for you to withdraw. Once your MPesa account is credited with Cash, withdraw your cash from MPesa. That’s it!

Why you should prefer Paxful as the most ideal Bitcoin Exchange for Buying and Selling in Kenya

This is how you do it.

First and foremost you will need to be a Registered user on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange.

If you already have a User account on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange you are good to go.

It is FREE to Register for a Paxful Bitcoin Exchange User account and it takes only 30 seconds to do so.

If you would like to Register for a FREE account you can do so now from Paxful Bitcoin Exchange.

Paxful Bitcoin Exchange is to Kenya Bitcoin Traders as MPesa is to Kenyans.

If you are thinking of doing anything with Bitcoins in Kenya, you should have a user account on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange.

I will show you the usefulness of having a Paxful Bitcoin Exchange account shortly especially for Kenyans.

We are used to executing our online transactions with Quick speeds ( e.g buying Airtime from MPesa, paying Bills with MPesa, paying for Goods and Services with MPesa etc. which we can do within a minute ) and we do not expect anything less besides getting a Professional, Quick and Flexible means of converting our Bitcoins to Kenya Shillings and subsequently to MPesa.

Register for a FREE Bitcoin Account in Kenya

It is even more important to mention that MPesa makes it possible for Kenyans to make payments for Goods and Services remotely too.

This is where Paxful Bitcoin Exchange comes in handy for its Convenience and Reliability way above what other Bitcoins Exchanges can offer as of this time of writing.

You have the alternative choices of Remitano and Paxful but Paxful Bitcoin Exchange is way much better!

I will now show you how to do the following;

  1. Convert your Bitcoins in Paxful Bitcoin Exchange to MPesa
  2. Convert your Bitcoins in other Bitcoin or Crypto Coins Exchange to MPesa
Register for a FREE Bitcoin Account for Selling and Buying Bitcoin in Kenya

How to Withdraw Bitcoin to MPesa from Paxful Bitcoin Exchange

  1. Log into Paxful Bitcoin Exchange
  2. Scroll Down below past Buy bitcoins online in Kenya and below past Buy bitcoins with cash near Kenya to Sell bitcoins online in Kenya. If you are on a mobile phone, click the menu button at the topmost right and select Sell Bitcoins.
  3. While at Sell bitcoins online in Kenya, evaluate the Buy offers by Bitcoin Buyers in that Table. Note that the Sell bitcoins online in Kenya table listing has these 4 columns namely Buyer, Payment method, Price / BTC and Limits.
  4. Use our Guiding List found here (…rem that while selling, contrary to buying Bitcoins, in selling you check out for who is willing to buy from you for the highest price than the other traders ). Choose wisely the Bitcoin Trader you are going to sell your Bitcoins to in exchange for MPesa (Note: Unlike the case for a Forex Bureau, in Paxful Bitcoin Exchange and other peer to peer Exchanges, the magic wand for converting Bitcoins to local currency e.g. Kenya Shillings in our case, is to sell off your Bitcoins to another Bitcoin Trader). Most Bitcoin Buyers deal in MPesa. Chances are that the one you select will Buy Bitcoins from you and pay you via MPesa. If you find one that does not deal in MPesa you can drop them and pick another who will Buy your Bitcoins and pay you via MPesa. In Paxful Bitcoin Exchange you will always find Bitcoin Buyers who are Ready and Willing to Buy Bitcoins from you all through till late into the night.
  5. Click Sell Button to the right of your selected Bitcoin Trader to who you are going to sell your Bitcoins and get paid via MPesa.
  6. This will now open the Bitcoin trader’s panel where you can see their Price offers, the Payment methods they can offer to pay you with, their User name, Trade limits, Location, Payment window.
  7. Scroll below and find How much you wish to selland in the Sky Blue text below with a KES prefix, enter amount you want to earn from your Bitcoins sale. In our example we enter 10000. Note that the Sky Blue text box with BTC prefix just below where you are typing the KES amount will start populating with Bitcoin value for the amount you entered. This is the amount of Bitcoin that will be deducted from your current Bitcoin hold.
  8. After you have entered the amount at KES sky blue textbox you want to Receive / Earn ( … in our example we enter 10,000 )from your Bitcoin Sale, take note that you can see the equivalent BTC you will be Selling on the sky blue text box with BTC prefix below. The BTC value will be 0.XXXXX where X may be any of these numbers e.g. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. In our example, the BTC value is automatically populated with 0.06654. This is the amount of Bitcoins you are going to exchange for KShs 10000.
  9. Scroll down and you will find there’s a textarea inscribed with this text, Write your contact message and other information to the trader here…(optional) You can can type something like this, Jambo! How are you? I would like to Sell you Bitcoins. Can we get this deal done now? then click the Send trade request Green button to begin this transaction process.
  10. The conversation will get started between you and the Bitcoin Buyer that is buying Bitcoins from you. The Bitcoin Buyer will then ask you for your MPesa number where he / she is going to send you MPesa Cash.
  11. Give them your Safaricom MPesa number e.g. 0722XXXXXX where they will send you the cash amount you specified in the KES sky blue text box.
  12. The Bitcoin Buyer will now send you Cash to your MPesa. In our example expect to receive KShs 10000 from the Bitcoin Buyer’s MPesa account number.
  13. Wait for a few seconds as the Bitcoin Buyer sends you the cash to your MPesa ( …you can hum to the latest tune that has caught the airwaves recently as you wait ! Hahaa).
  14. Once the Payment notification checks in, confirm you have received the cash you had specified to sell your Bitcoins for.
  15. After you have received cash in your MPesa, proceed to release Bitcoins to the Buyer.

Note: In our above example, our Bitcoins will now be reduced by 0.006654 from the initial value of 0.48367253 to 0.47701853

Buying Bitcoin with MPesa in Kenya

How to Cash your Bitcoins to Kenya Shillings and withdraw from your Bank Account in Kenya

Hey, I almost forgot to mention this one, should you be looking for an easier and safe way to cash out Bitcoin to Kenya Shillings and Get Paid Straight to your Specific Bank Account, the criteria you adhere to is the same one as that of withdrawing Bitcoin to MPesa.

What you will need to do is, find Bitcoin Traders who will Buy your Bitcoins and transfer Kenya Shillings Straight to your Bank Account

In the same way you issue a Bitcoin Trader your MPesa number to credit your Safaricom’s mobile money wallet, you will give out the Bitcoin Trader your Bank Name e.g. ‘National Bank of Kenya‘ or ‘Equity Bank‘ or any other Bank in Kenya, and your ‘Bank Account Number‘. Just those Two (2) details only

The Bitcoin Trader to whom you are selling your Bitcoins to (i.e. the one Buying your Bitcoins) will then proceed to Credit your Bank Account. It should not take more than 5 minutes. 

Buy Bitcoins instantly using MPesa on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange

Once you receive an SMS from your Bank, informing you that your Bank Account has been credited with cash, verify the same either by calling your Bank or checking via your Bank‘s mobile App then if happy, release your Bitcoins to the Paxful Bitcoin Exchange ‘s Bitcoin Trader that you are transacting with.

It is that simple. You can Get all Active Bitcoin Traders on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange in Kenya, who will Buy Bitcoin from you and credit your Kenyan Bank Account with equivalent cash here Paxful Bitcoin Exchange.

How to Convert Bitcoin to MPesa

Converting Bitcoins in other Bitcoin Exchanges to MPesa

Here is How to Convert Bitcoins in other Bitcoin Exchanges to MPesa.

1. Log into that other Bitcoin Exchange. In this example let me show you how to do it from Binance Exchange.

2. Log into Paxful Bitcoin Exchange.

3. Once Logged into Paxful Bitcoin Exchange, go to the Top and click at Wallet.

4. Your Paxful Bitcoin Exchange Wallet will open and you will see the following Buttons, Send bitcoins, Receive bitcoins and Transactions.

Register for a FREE Bitcoin Account in Kenya

5. Click on Receive bitcoins Button. It will change color to a DARK BLUE color.

6. Note that you will be taken to Receive bitcoins panel.

7. Under Receive bitcoins in BOLD, you will see this text, Give out the bitcoin address below to receive bitcoins with text similar to something like this 9q9c89ew8wnvcnc8ip398c7qpq87e7.

This is now the Bitcoins Receiving Address you can give out to anyone to send you Bitcoins or use yourself to withdraw Bitcoins from other Exchanges where you have Bitcoins. 

Think of it like your e-mail address that you can give to anyone to send you PayPal dollars or rather Think of it like your Safaricom NOthat you can give to anyone to send you MPesa cash ( I hope this helps you understand that this is your Paxful Bitcoin Exchange’s Wallet Receiving Address.

This is Bitcoins Receiving Address where people can send you Bitcoins from other Bitcoins Exchanges.

It is where you can withdraw Bitcoins from your other Bitcoins Exchanges’ accounts to your Paxful Bitcoin Exchange wallet where you can easily convert your Bitcoin to KShs.)

8. Copy that text 9q9c89ew8wnvcnc8ip398c7qpq87e7 and go to your other Bitcoin Exchange( Binance  Exchange in this example ) from where you want to withdraw your Bitcoins.

9. Access the Wallet of your Bitcoin account and locate Send Bitcoins or Withdraw Bitcoins.

On Binance Exchange it is Withdraw. So you click at the Deposits Withdraw option.

Select Withdraw pink Button from the new pane that displays thereafter to start process of withdrawing your Bitcoins.

10. Enter the Bitcoins Receiving Address you copied from your Wallet in Paxful Bitcoin Exchange account Wallet in Step 8 above.

11. Click OK / Accept or Agree. On Binance  Exchange you click at the Withdrawal yellow button at the bottom.

This same approach is the same one you will use to withdraw Bitcoins from other Bitcoin and Crypto Exchanges.

12. Wait a few minutes and depending on how fast transactions happen on that other exchange, you will after a short period of time observe that your Paxful Bitcoin Exchange account has been credited with additional Bitcoins.

Note: Your Paxful Bitcoin Exchange has now been credited with 0.00800132 Bitcoins from Binance  Exchange  less 0.00073406 Bitcoins which are the Transaction fee for Bitcoin withdrawal on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange from an external Bitcoin Exchange ( …Binance  Exchange) in our example.

Your Bitcoin value less Withdrawal Fee on Binance Exchange less Transaction Fee on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange is 0.00726726 Bitcoins. This is the amount that has resulted in your Bitcoin increase to 0.48428579 up from 0.47701853.

13. With your New Bitcoins now in Paxful Bitcoin Exchange, you can now withdraw your New Bitcoins to MPesa as Kenya Shillings using the steps I have shown you above in Converting Bitcoins in Paxful Exchange to MPesa.

That’s it !

Generate Passive Income by Buying and Selling Bitcoin in Kenya

Converting Bitcoins to MPesa from your Wallet accounts in other Bitcoins Exchanges is that Simple and Easy.

You only need to send your Bitcoins from other Exchanges to your Paxful Bitcoin Exchange account.

Now you know how to withdraw Bitcoins from your other Bitcoin Exchange accounts and send them over to Paxful Bitcoin Exchange where you will be able to sell them to exchange them for MPesa.

Take time to also go thru and review these Precaution Tips about Bitcoin Trading in Kenya.

Remember to Sell Bitcoin when it is priced High in Kenya Shillings to gain Good Returns.

Buy Bitcoins instantly using MPesa on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange

That’s it!

Happy Bitcoin Trading.

Live video Demo for How to Withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa

How to Withdraw Bitcoins to MPesa

By Joseph Muithi

I am a Tech Enthusiast and a Bitcoins Evangelist who is on a mission to Teach, Blog and Create awareness about Bitcoins and Altcoins in Kenya and Africa at large.

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