How to Send Money to Kenya with Bitcoin

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Has it ever occurred to you that you could Send Money to Kenya with Bitcoin and get to side step all the Red Tape Bureaucracies that shroud Sending Money from other Countries to Kenya? 

Besides trading in Bitcoin for Profits, you can also use this Border-less Digital Crypto Currency Coin to send Money to Kenya Hassle Free!

Keep your eyes glued, I will demonstrate to you shortly in this article How to send money to Kenya with Bitcoin in 5 Simple and Easy to follow Steps. 

But before we get started, what Challenges have you experienced in the past when you wanted to Send Money to Kenya?

Did you find a Better Alternative? 

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It should never be a Pain to Send Money to Kenya from other Countries. You already put in the Hours and Effort to work for the Money, why should someone make it Hard for You to send it Back to your Home Country for your loved ones in Kenya to Spend? 

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What Challenges do People Experience when Sending Money to Kenya?

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Here are some Challenges that People experience while Sending Money to Kenya that they would not have to go thru if they adopted the option of Sending Money to Kenya with Bitcoin. 

  1. You will have to Run around in a Foreign City, Town or Country as You comb Street after Street to Locate Money Remittance Services like Western Union. This is Valuable Time that you would have used to do other Useful things like Catching up with Friends or Making Phone Calls to your Family, Friends or even better spent with Sweetheart. Sending Money with Bitcoin would not even require you to move an inch from your current Locality.
  2. Limited number of Money Remittance Services with which you can Conveniently use to send Money to Kenya. In some Countries you may be surprised to find that your favorite Money Remittance Services are NOT operational there or they have never opened Shop there. Imagine being used to Sending Money to your Parents in Kenya via Western Union but then you get deployed to another Country where the Western Union does not operate there? But the Good news is that you will find that the Crypto Currency Bitcoin is already in use there.
  3. High Remittance Service Fees. Almost all Money Sending Services charge a lot of Money to allow You to Send Money from other countries to People in Kenya. It does not Beat Logic to spend close to over 10% of the Money you are sending to Kenya to Pay for the Money Remittance Service. It feels like Broad Day Light Robbery only that it Happens with your consent. Imagine planning to Send your Brother let’s say an estimated KShs 1,000, 000 but you end up Shelling off like about some KShs 50, 000 as Service Charge? With Bitcoin that would never happen! If you send someone 1 Bitcoin, they would Receive and Withdraw in Kenya Shillings exactly 1 Bitcoin.
  4. Queuing and a lot of Time spent to get the Money Remittance Transaction done e.g like when filling mandatory forms. Who loves Queuing? Personally I do not. It never is my hobby. Now, how does it feel when you go to the Banking Halls and you find very Long Queues and you do NOT have the Luxury of Time to wait for over 30 minutes or 1 Hour for your turn? Pretty annoying right? With Bitcoin, you never get to queue. You simply log into your Bitcoin Wallet from your Computer or Mobile Phone and Send Bitcoins to your Wife in Kenya and she will receive them immediately after you release them from your Bitcoin Wallet!
  5. Dealing with Attitudes, Discrimination and Racism from Staff and People working in Banking and Financial Institutions. Do you know those instances when circumstances conspire against you then you end up at a counter with an attendant / staff who for no reason does NOT like you? How do you like it when they begin to Demean You and make you feel Miserable? There are Angels and Devils but on this particular day when you feel all psyched up that you are meeting your obligations as a provider but today the Devil is on your case like glue and someone is Mistreating and Frustrating you at their own Pleasure because they feel they are a better Human than you. Sorry I used this example but with Bitcoin, you would never have to undergo such because you can Buy Bitcoin online and Send it online.
  6. Annoying Verification and Intrusive Security Checks. Banks and other Financial Institutions will forget that you are the Customer who keeps them in Business and no matter How many times you return to Transact with them, they will still handle you with Suspicion and Contempt. Does that bother you? It does not matter if you slide into the Banking Hall clad in a Taxedo suit, they will still be like this bloke could be a neatly clad thug who could brandish a weapon any minute. The times have changed, terrorism is real and we have to accept that the heightened security checks are for our good but some of them go beyond the ordinary and border on Humiliation and Disrespect. If we all used Bitcoin to send Money, no one would subject us to such. Bitcoin Exchanges can even allow you to trade at most 2 Bitcoins before they send you a request to verify your identification documents online which is unlike Rudely Searching someone Physically and taking them to a Badly ventilated Security holding room as they Run Background Security Checks on you.
  7. Limitation / Cap on the amount of Money you can send. Ever tried to send Large amounts of Money with a Money Remittance Service like Western Union and realized that you would have to carry out several transactions on several days to completely send the amount of Money you want to Send? This is because there are Caps / Limitations in place that are based on Policies that endeavor to Prevent Money Laundering. These measures are a good step towards stemming Fraud but for those individuals who are not engaged in Crime, this is a hindrance to them getting the type of service they want. Bitcoin allows you to send large amounts of Bitcoin without limiting you. You can send Bitcoins equivalent to about Kshs 10 million or more in one instance to Someone in Kenya as long as your Bitcoin Wallet account is validated. Totally hassle free!
  8. Long Time taken by some services to Remit Money to Kenya. Something as Simple as Sending Money can take unbearably a Long time especially if the Money being sent is Urgently needed in Kenya. Though not unusual but with the latest trends in technology, some delays are totally unacceptable in this day and era. Money transfers from Banks in Foreign Countries to Bank accounts in Kenya could take a considerable Long time to complete. Bitcoin transactions on the other hand happen almost instantaneously to the Satisfaction of both the Sender and the Receiver of the Bitcoins. What is the longest it has ever taken you to receive Bitcoin? Myself, none has ever gone beyond 5 minutes. I however once delayed to send someone Bitcoin when my internet connection timed out but when the internet reconnected back again, I hit the Send Bitcoin button immediately and the person on the other end received their Bitcoins in about 5 minutes. The Benefits of Sending Money to Kenya with Bitcoin far outweigh the Traditional methods we currently use.
  9. High Currency Conversion Rates e.g with PayPal. With some Money Remittance Services, before you get to Send Money, you have to first convert your Fiat Currency to something like USD, EUR, GBP or other Fiat Currencies that are accepted by that Service. A good example is PayPal. If you want to Send Money via PayPal, you will have to figure out How to Credit your PayPal account with USD, GBP, EUR or any other of those accepted currencies so that you can be able to Start that Transaction and be able to Send the USDs to your Recipient in Kenya.  During those currency conversions, you shell off so much money that you would not have had to if you had a USD or GBP or EUR credit account. In  Peer to Peer Exchanges, you never ever go thru such. You can get Bitcoin with any Fiat currency from Bitcoin Traders accepting your type of Fiat currency and then proceed to Send your Bitcoin to your Recipient in Kenya.
  10. Not all Money Remittance Services are available 24 hours 7 times a week. Most Financial institutions will operate on Specific times of the Day and on Specific Days of the Week and will not be operational outside the confines of their stipulated Working Hours. They will e.g Open for Business at 9 AM and Close for Business after 5 PM and will not work on Sundays and Saturdays afternoon and Public Holidays. Services like PayPal are not hampered by such as you can Send and Receive Money at any Day of the Week and any Time of the Day. Peer to Peer Bitcoin Exchanges operate like PayPal and both bear some resemblance to each other in this respect. You can Send Bitcoin and Receive Bitcoin any Day any Time and Withdraw your Bitcoin to MPesa in Kenya Shillings at your own convenient time.
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These and a host of other challenges I may have NOT captured here can complicate a simple thing as Sending Money to Kenya which should not be the case as of this time of writing (circa 2019) considering the many options we have at our disposal due to the advent of Modern Technologies and better ways of doing things.

Some months ago, a Kenyan lady in Mexico reached out and asked if she could use Bitcoin to send Money to her sister in Kenya to Buy a new Mobile Phone.

In my view, I thought that did not warrant asking someone if it was possible to send Bitcoins to Kenya.

To me it was plain simple because the person in Kenya would Receive the Bitcoins in Kenya and Withdraw them to Kenya Shillings e.g via MPesa or thru their Kenyan Bank Account.

Hey but guess what? I realized that it may not be that easy for everyone to figure out How to Send Money to Kenya with Bitcoin hence the reason I chose to write and explain this process here.

To start with, it is NOT complicated at all.

It is Very Simple and Easy.

You will be Surprised to Find out that it only requires a Simple Sequence of Easy to Follow Steps to get it done in less than 5 Minutes.

I will now show you How you can Send Money to Kenya with Bitcoins to your Wife, Family, Girlfriend(s), Boyfriend, Friends and Business Associates in 5 Simple and Easy to Follow Steps.

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Ready we get started?

3, 2, 1 … say, “Go!”

How to Send Money to Kenya via Bitcoin?

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These are the 5 Simple Steps to Send Money to Kenya via Bitcoin;

  1. Open a FREE Bitcoin Account on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange  if you do not have one yet and also ask your Kenyan Recipient (Wife, Brother, Sister, Friend, Girlfriend(s), Boyfriend or Business Associate) to Open a FREE Bitcoin Account on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange if they do not have one. Opening a Bitcoin Account on a Bitcoin Exchange has always been FREE.
  2. Thereafter, Credit your Bitcoin Wallet in your Paxful Bitcoin Exchange Account with Bitcoins. This you can do by Buying Bitcoins from the Country where you are currently based at so that your Bitcoin Wallet has enough Bitcoins for you to Send Money to your Recipient in Kenya.
  3. Now ask your Kenyan Recipient for their Bitcoin Wallet Receiving Address. A Bitcoin Receiving Address would resemble something like 1154XdyekeEdjd1jdAASDid8RLGcMNBvdW3b8jjdhyP. To get their Bitcoin Wallet Receiving Address they would have to click on the Wallet option at the top of their Paxful Bitcoin Exchange account then click Receive Bitcoins button to see the Bitcoin Wallet Receiving Address then proceed to Copy and E-mail it to you. Ask them to verify again that the Bitcoin Wallet Receiving Address they sent to you is the correct one to be dead sure nothing is amiss.
  4. After your Kenyan Recipient Sends you their Bitcoin Wallet Receiving Address, in your Paxful Bitcoin Exchange Account, find Wallet option at the top and Click on it. You should now See three options under Wallet. These options are Send Bitcoins, Receive Bitcoins and Transactions. What you are looking for is the Send Bitcoins option. Proceed to Click Send Bitcoins button to initiate the process of sending Bitcoins.
  5. Finally, Enter your Kenyan Recipient’s Bitcoin Wallet Receiving Address together with the Amount of Bitcoins you are going to Send to them and Click Release Bitcoin Button below. When through, you can then Call them or Send them an E-mail to Confirm they have Received the Bitcoins you have sent to them. Your Kenyan Recipient will afterwards be able to Withdraw the Bitcoins you sent to them as Kenya Shillings with MPesa or via their Kenyan Bank Account.

It is that Simple! Would you have guessed it would be that Easy!

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Remember to check out the MPesa Charges levied for MPesa Transactions in Kenya.

Here below is a screenshot of Paxful Bitcoin Exchange Wallet Account. This is what your Bitcoin Wallet and that of your Kenyan Recipient should look like only that the Bitcoin Receiving Addresses would be different from each other the same way Kenyans have unique MPesa Safaricom numbers (0722XXXXXX) from one another. Hope You get the flow right now? Pretty straight forward! Right?

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Now that you have known How to Send Money to Kenya via Bitcoin would you Surprise your Wife and Send her 1.5 Bitcoins this weekend to Buy that Car she saw at the Car Bazaar? The Car she sent you Whatsapp snapshots for on Sunday afternoon?

Thank you for reading all thru!

Hope you found this article resourceful. Let me know if there is anything about this post that you would like me to improve on or if you have any suggestions you would like to share with me.

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Buy Bitcoins instantly using MPesa on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange

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