How to Buy Ethereum on Paxful in Kenya using MPesa

How to Buy Ethereum in Kenya using MPesa on Paxful
How to Buy Ethereum in Kenya using MPesa on Paxful
How to Buy Ethereum in Kenya using MPesa on Paxful

Other than the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency coin, did you know that there are more than 100 other Cryptocurrency coins in existence? Did you know that the second largest and sought after Crypto coin in the crypto sphere market world is Ethereum? This post here will teach you about Ethereum and teach you How to Buy Ethereum on Paxful in Kenya using MPesa.

By the way, if you just want to go straight away and Buy Ethereum using MPesa and you do not need to read the entire article, here are Ethereum offers in Kenya Shillings that you can buy in Kenya Shillings via MPesa from these local Kenyan Ethereum Traders right here in Kenya.

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To start with, Ethereum is also popularly known as Ether and is commonly abbreviated as ETH just in the same manner Bitcoin is abbreviated as BTC.

Actually, seasoned Crypto Coin Traders all around the world simply just say Ether or just say ETH to refer to Ethereum.

So next time you hang out with your tech savvy friends or your friends who have invested in cryptos, do not be caught saying “Ethereum” like a newbie.

Instead, casually say, “Ether” to refer to Ethereum if you are talking or speaking to someone in a conversation about Crypto Coins.

Otherwise, if you are writing or texting someone, simply type “ETH” (of course without the quotes) to refer to Ethereum.

For instance, if you are having a conversation with your brother John about your crypto investments, you could ask him something like, “Johnte hii Ether tuuze leo ama tutegee Monday next week?”.

In written text, you could for example ask your friend Mary on Whatsapp, “Hey babe, before we go down to Mombasa this coming weekend, do you plan to stack up on more ETH before end of this week?”

Now that we have brushed up on some basics about Ethereum, ETH and Ether will be used interchangeably in the remainder of this post to refer to Ethereum.

Are you excited to learn more about ETH and How to Buy Ethereum on Paxful in Kenya using MPesa?

If you are the very curious and inquisitive type and want to learn more about the origin of Ethereum, dive into this Ethereum Organization portal when you have some free time.

Now that we are all prepped up and eager to learn about ETH, let’s just get started asap!

How to Convert Bitcoin to MPesa

Background Information about Kenyans adoption of Technology and Crypto Coins

Hey, did you know that for most Kenyans the only Crypto coin they know is Bitcoin?

Majority of Kenyans do not think of any other Crypto Coin besides Bitcoin.

This is quite understandable because the Bitcoin hype can easily overshadow the existence of other crypto coins.

This is so because you often get to hear about Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin Traders, Bitcoin Exchanges and very little about other Crypto Coin like e.g. Ethereum.

Kenyans of different backgrounds are tech savvy and they do not even know it!

The most adorable thing about Kenyans like You is that they are fast learners about new technologies and quickly teach themselves about new Technology Stuff and figure out how to make money out of it.

A good example is the ingenuity around use of MPesa and how just about any Kenyan business seamlessly accommodates and integrates MPesa in their other modes of payment.

Learn more about MPesa from Safaricom’s MPesa web page.

The Ethereum buzz is beginning to pick up among Kenyans just like it happened with Bitcoin and now Kenyans are more aware about Ether and want to learn How to Buy Ethereum on Paxful in Kenya using MPesa and own ETH to diversify their investment portfolios.

Check out these Kenyan Ethereum Traders Selling Ethereum using MPesa here in Kenya.

Trust you me, you are not reading this by fluke! You are also reading this post because you are on a quest to gather as much information as you can about ETH before you begin trading Ether right?

You are in the right place! This post will provide you with resourceful information about Buying Ethereum in Kenya and owning your first ever Ethereum.

What should you know about Ethereum before Buying Ethereum in Kenya?

Here are some important things you should know about Ethereum before you embark on Buying Ethereum in Kenya. They are;

  1. You can Buy Bitcoin in Kenya using MPesa on Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange, LocalCryptos Exchange and on Remitano Crypto Exchange
  2. You can Buy Bitcoin in Kenya for just about any amount of money even for as little as Kshs 1000
  3. Ethereum price in Kenya fluctuates from time to time just like Bitcoin and other Crypto Coins
  4. Ethereum is not Bitcoin and Bitcoin is not Ethereum
  5. You can own Bitcoin and also own Ethereum in Kenya
  6. There are more Bitcoin Traders in Kenya than there are Ethereum traders in Kenya
  7. The procedure of Buying Ethereum is not any different from that of Buying Bitcoin in Kenya
  8. You can Buy Ethereum in Kenya using MPesa
  9. The second most owned Crypto coin in Kenya after Bitcoin is Ethereum
  10. Ethereum retails for a much lower price than Bitcoin

Where can you Buy Ethereum in Kenya using MPesa?

You can Buy Ethereum in Kenya using MPesa from these 3 common Crypto Coins Exchanges. They are;

  1. Remitano Crypto Coins Exchange
  2. Localcryptos Exchange
  3. Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange

Why do more Kenyans prefer to Buy Ethereum on Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange than on any other Crypto Coins Exchanges?

  1. Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange is a one stop shop for both Ethereum and Bitcoin
  2. Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange has enabled use of MPesa payment option for Ethereum Buyers in Kenya
  3. Registering for an Ethereum Trading Account on Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange is Simple and Easy even for non Technical people
  4. Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange offers a FREE Ethereum Trading Account and Wallet for everyone registering as an Ethereum Trader in Kenya
  5. Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange platform is Smooth and Easy to learn for newbies
  6. Instructions and Guidelines for Buying and Selling Ethereum on Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange are in Simple and Straight Forward English that is Easy to Understand for People with different levels of English grasping.
  7. Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange has a trusted verification procedure for all Crypto Traders that helps prevent Fraud and prevent any loss of money thru trading with unscrupulous individuals
  8. There are many Kenyans Buying and Trading Ethereum on Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange than on any other Crypto Coin Exchange in Kenya
  9. You can Trade off or Buy Ethereum from other Kenyans on Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange on any time of the Day or Night and for best rates as there active Kenyan Ethereum traders Buying and Selling Ethereum 24 hours round the clock.
  10. When you Buy Ethereum in Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange, it is immediately deposited in your Ethereum Account Wallet and you can see the ETH balance right away after Buy Transaction is completed.

What are the Steps for How to Buy Ethereum on Paxful in Kenya using MPesa?

Follow these Simple and Easy To Follow Steps to Buy Ethereum on Paxful in Kenya using MPesa;

  1. Register for a FREE Ethereum Account on Paxful Crypto Coins Exchange
  2. Verify your registered Ethereum Account by confirming the Email and Phone Number you provided during Registration
  3. At the very top, click the drop down Blue Button labeled as Buy and select Buy Ethereum option
  4. In Offer Location, select Kenya
  5. In Payment Method, scroll down to the Popular in Kenya section and select MPesa option
  6. Click Show Offers to see list of Ethereum Traders selling Ethereum in Kenya with an option of paying via MPesa
  7. Identify a suitable Ethereum Sale offer then vet the Reputation of Ethereum Seller by clicking on their Profile
  8. If convinced the Ethereum Trader is of Good standing and that they have a Good and Trusted Reputation, click on the Buy Ethereum button adjacent to their name to Buy Ethereum from them
  9. Credit Ethereum Trader’s MPesa account with equivalent amount of Ethereum you are paying for.
  10. Ethereum Trader upon confirming your MPesa payment will then release Ethereum to your Ethereum Account

That’s it! Basically that’s all you need to do to Buy Ethereum in Kenya. It is just this Simple and Easy!

To make Ethereum Trading in Kenya a viable income generating activity, remember to Buy Ethereum when it is priced low and sell it when it is priced High!

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By Joseph Muithi

I am a Tech Enthusiast and a Bitcoins Evangelist who is on a mission to Teach, Blog and Create awareness about Bitcoins and Altcoins in Kenya and Africa at large.

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