How to Buy and Sell Ethereum n Kenya using MPESA

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Buying Ethereum in Kenya a few years ago never used to be a walk in the park. It involved a struggle of some sort. First, you had to convert your KShs to USD or EUR to be allowed to Buy Ethereum on some Foreign Exchanges which accepted only USD, EUR and GBP currencies.

Nowadays, you can Buy Ethereum / ETH / Ether on with KShs ( Kenya Shillings) and to make it even more interesting, you can buy Ethereum / ETH / Ether using MPesa.

It had never been this Simple and Easy and guess what else, you do not have to pay conversion fee rates to get your KShs to USD, EUR or GBP and to add more icing to the cake, it is FREE to open a account.

Nowadays, You can buy Ethereum hassle FREE in Kenya using Kenya Shilling without converting your money to USD (United States Dollars) or EUR (Euros) or GBP (Great Britain Pound) on the following below Exchanges

  2. Remitano
Buy and Sell Ethereum in Kenya

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Where can I Buy Ethereum ( ETH / Ether) with Kenya Shillings?

Kenya Shilling is limited for use in Kenya only. Every country has their own currency and so does Kenya. Most of the Crypto coins exchanges accept USD (United States Dollars) or EUR (Euros) and if you do not have a way of converting your KShs to USD or EUR you meet your first obstacle. Luckily, is a peer to peer exchanges where you can actually find traders within your locality who are willing to sell and buy Ethereum from you in your local currency and in this case you will find Kenyan traders who are willing to sell and buy Ethereum in Kenya Shilling on

How do I Start Buying Ethereum (ETH / Ether) in Kenya?

Buy Ethereum

To buy Ethereum on any exchange, you must have an account on an Ethereum exchange where you want to buy or sell Ethereum. You can open a FREE Ethereum Trading Account on This article will show you how to Buy Ethereum on  exchange via MPESA.

To buy and pay for anything via MPESA, you must have a registered Safaricom SIM card which is configured for MPESA by Safaricom(this article assumes you already know how to use MPESA to make and receive payments).

Do not forget to check the following MPesa Charges levied for MPesa Transactions in Kenya.

You can buy Ethereum for as little as KShs 10,000. Some traders on can be willing to sell to you Ethereum for that amount. What you need to do is to find them on

The rest of this article will show you how to Buy Ethereum with MPESA from exchange.

Login to Create a FREE account if you do not have one already there. Click to go register for a FREE account or open your existing account. Registering an account on is as simple and easy as opening a FREE e-mail account on Google’s Gmail.

How do I Register for a FREE Ethereum account on

Free Ethereum Account Registration in Kenya Step1
Free Ethereum Account Registration in Kenya Step1

How to Buy Ethereum in Kenya Shillings on Exchange with MPESA?

By visiting exchange here, you can see all people ( …call them Ethereum traders ) willing to sell Ethereum to you within your locality ( in Kenya). Once you register on you will be able to see all their offers. trader will NOT have Ethereum packaged for KShs 10000, Kshs 15000, Kshs 20000, KShs 100000, KShs 500000 or anything like that so that you can choose a combination you want like you are buying tomatoes in a market. Hahaa ! Here things are a little bit different. An Ethereum trader lists the price in Kshs per 1 Ethereum. e.g. KShs 15000. The Local Exchange calculates in realtime as you type the amount of Ethereum you will receive as you type the amount of KShs you are willing to spend to Buy Ethereum. You can see this as you type amount in KShs. The exchange unlike other Ethereum trading platforms has a very simplefriendly and an intuitive user interface.

How to Buy Ethereum with MPesa in 5 Simple Steps.

To Buy Ethereum with MPesa in Kenya follow these steps;

  1. First, top up your MPesa account with Cash.
  2. Secondly, find a Trusted Ethereum Trader who transacts with MPesa.
  3. Select amount of Ethereum you want to Buy with MPesa.
  4. Thereafter, credit your Ethereum Trader’s MPesa account with the MPesa amount you want to Buy Ethereums for.
  5. After receiving your MPesa, the Ethereum Trader will immediately send you Ethereum to your Ethereum wallet.

That’s it. It is that simple! Check your Ethereum Wallet after 1 minute to confirm you have received your Ethereum

Your Guiding Checklist before Buying Ethereum in Kenya

On exchange, there are several things you can use to size up an Ethereum trader. They are;

  1. Date of Registration
  2. Number of trades they have successfully transacted.
  3. Volume of Ether traded
  4. Their Good Feedback as a percentage. Are people returning Good Feedback about this trader?
  5. Is their E-mail verified?
  6. Is their Phone Number Verified?
Good Feedback  and Reputation of a Kenyan Ethereum Trader
Good Feedback and Reputation of a Kenyan Ethereum Trader

Just Below an Ethereum trader’s name you will see on the right a value with a plus (+) sign e.g . 100+.

The value 100+ indicates that the Ethereum trader has done over 100 Ethereum trades and the value 90% shows that the Good Feedback of this trader is 90% certified by the feedback given by buyers and sellers who have bought and sold Ethereum from and to this trader.

Veried E-mail and Verified Phone Number for Ether Trader on that this is a verified person and NOT a scammer or fraudulent person. So, be on the lookout for these two verification checks as well.

I hope by now you get the gist of things. 

The most vital thing you want to eliminate is the risks of trading with a fraudulent, mean and untrustworthy trader! The good thing is that polices its ETH traders very well. The higher the percentage, the safer it is to trade with that Ethereum trader. 100% for experienced traders is truly a good, trusted and reliable Good feedback. Do your due diligence though!

Some good traders do at times get bad ratings from Ethereum buyers which ultimately reduces their percentage trust level ratings to below 100% maybe because of misunderstandings or them taking a little long to release Ethereum to buyers or other minor customer relations issues. So do not overlook that as well. Just stay woke and be adept at seeing things for what they truly are.

Determining Trustworthiness and Integrity of an Ethereum Trader.

When Buying Ethereum, always Buy from an Ethereum trader whose level of percentage of Good Feedback is high. 90% and above on is good (you can work with that percentage as your benchmark).

If you have reached this far, you are doing great!

In Summary

You have now learnt how to assess / evaluate an Ethereum trader’s reputation by looking at their Good Feedback percentage level and also by looking at the trades and volume of Ethereum trades they have successfully done previously. You can now also tell whether an Ethereum trader is online or not so you will not have to initiate trade with Ethereum traders who are not open for business.

A greater % value gives more reputation to the honesty of the trader thus the reason why they earned Good Feedback.

A greater + value estimates the number of successful trades an Ethereum trader has done previously.

Higher Volume of ETH shows you total number of Ethereum traded with both thru Buying and Selling. This is a very good indicator of experience and success in trading Ether to very many people.

You are now ready to Buy Ethereum via MPESA from Exchange from a trader with a 100% Trusted Reputation status, a trader who has done a number of trades with 50+, 100+, 300+, 1000+, 3000+, 5000+ etc. Greater number of trades indicate more experience and trust from other Buyers and Sellers. This should from now henceforth be your guiding check list.

If you had not created a FREE Ethereum account on you can register for one right now from LocalEthereum.comexchange or click the picture below to Start your FREE Registration right away !

Create Free Ethereum New Account for Trading with MPESA in Kenya
Create Free Ethereum New Account for Trading with MPESA in Kenya

Most Ethereum traders on are ready and willing to sell Ethereum to you via MPESA. The only remaining thing now before you have your first Ethereum is to identify which trader is giving you the Best offer! There are no Haggling of prices here. Hehee !You just go to Popularity / Price filter option at the top and sort trades by Price then open a trade with the one whose price looks fair to you.

If you are now ready to Buy Ethereum via MPESA, let’s say you want to Buy Ethereum for KShs 10000 from your MPESA, you need to open and login.

1. When you open and see the text ‘Buy ether in Kenya‘, toggle at the Buy or Sell drop down list option and select Buy. See below picture in Step 1.

Buy and Sell Ethereum in Kenya Step 1 and Step 2
Buy and Sell Ethereum in Kenya Step 1 and Step 2

2. When you open and it does not detect that you are in Kenya, you will need to carry out the following adjustments on the first display you get. See below Picture showing Step 1 on the Left and what you should have afterwards in Step 2 as shown on picture on the Right after you have selected Buy from Buy or Sell option, after you have selected M-Pesafrom Any payment method option and after you have selected Kenya from World Wide option.

Buying Ethereum Coins with MPESA in Kenya
Buying Ethereum Coins with MPESA in Kenya

3. After Step will now show you a listing of Ether offers from Prospective Ethereum Traders that you can choose from. See Step 3 in picture below. Remember to do what is advised in the Check List so that you select to Buy Ether from a Trusted Ethereum trader with a high percentage of Good Feedback and one with high numbers of Ether Trades and lastly one with a significant Volume of Ether traded. Lastly, do not forget to check if their Phone is Verified and if their E-mail is Verified. If you follow these little but important little checks you will always have a peace of mind when choosing from which Seller to Buy Ethereum from.

Choose Kenyan Ethereum Trader with Whom You Will Buy Ethereum From Using MPesa
Choose Kenyan Ethereum Trader with Whom You Will Buy Ethereum From Using MPesa

4. Click Buy button on the selected trader to initiate the transaction as shown in Step 3 in the picture above. In this example, the Ethereum Trader NdanuFlo is selected. Proceed to click Buy button to the right of NdanuFlo to initiate Ethereum purchase from this trader.

5. This will now open the Ethereum trader’s panel where you can see Open Trade button, the Trade Amount option where you will specify in KSH e.g . 10000 as the amount you want to buy, you will also see the Trader’s user name at the top e.g. NdanuFlo with their preferred mode of payment e.g. M-Pesa and also their Trade limits e.g. KSh 5,000 – KSh 70,000. See Step 4 in the picture below.

Open Buy Ethereum from your Selected Ethereum Kenyan Trader who deals in MPesa
Open Buy Ethereum from your Selected Ethereum Kenyan Trader who deals in MPesa

6. Now specify the amount of Ether in KSh e.g 6,000 you want to Buy and click the Open Trade button as shown in Step 5 and Step 6 in the picture below.

Specifying amount to Ethereum you want to buy in Kenya Shillings then clicking Open Trade button
Specifying amount to Ethereum you want to buy in Kenya Shillings then clicking Open Trade button

7. After clicking on Open Trade button you will now be directed to the screen shown below

Waiting for Kenyan Ethereum Trader to Fund Escrow before you Send them Money in Mpesa
Waiting for Kenyan Ethereum Trader to Fund Escrow before you Send them Money in Mpesa

8. After clicking Open Trade button in Step 6 above the Price will be locked, the Ethereum Seller cannot adjust it upwards, the locked price is now the amount you will pay them. You will now be prompted to wait for the Ether Trader to fund Escrow. See Step 7 in picture below. If you are wondering what Escrow is, here is a short comparative example. Escrow is the intermediary between you the Buyer and the Seller. It is a Software Feature usually called a Smart Contract used worldwide and also on and also here on It facilitates Safe Trades of Highly Priced items especially digital products so that neither the Buyer nor the Seller deals the other party a raw deal and elopes with their money. It plays the role of a Lawyer when you are buying a house. First you deposit money with your Lawyer and she will in turn release it to the House owner after verifying the paper work from the Seller as deemed OK then transfer the House to you with finished paper work bearing your name as the owner of the House.

9. As you wait for the Ethereum Trader to fund Escrow, at the Encrypted Chat button right below you can chat with the Seller(…peperusha salamu hapa ukingojea). You do not have to any way. Hehee 😀 😀 You can just wait if you are not the kayambatype. Not everyone is comfortable talking to strangers but remember you need to strike conversations somehow and start cultivating good relationships with the Ethereum traders you trust so that you only trade with those in the future. There is a reason why we always go to shop A and not shop B in our neighborhood. The same applies here too.

Chatting with Ethereum Seller after they Send Funds to Escrow so that Buyer Pays via MPesa and Seller Releases them to Buyer Wallet
Chatting with Ethereum Seller after they Send Funds to Escrow so that Buyer Pays via MPesa and Seller Releases them to Buyer Wallet

10. Once the Ethereum Trader funds Escrow, that is with the amount of Ethereum you had specified you want to buy, your Web Browser will now update / refresh and show you a blue button named MARK AS PAID. Click on the MARK AS PAID button. See Step 8 in picture below. This will prevent Ethereum Trader from canceling or withdrawing the Trade. Note that right below it a timer will commence. This is the time within which you have left to pay for your Ethereum. See Step 9 in the below picture;

Seller has now funded Escrow you can now pay them with MPESA to get your Ether
Seller has now funded Escrow you can now pay them with MPESA to get your Ether

11. Now Check your Encrypted chat message box where you were exchanging greetings with the Seller. The Ethereum Seller will now show you where to send the money. In our example, NdanuFlo will, in the Encrypted Chat show you where to MPesa her the Cash for your Ethereum purchase. She will supply you with her Safaricom number where you will credit her MPesa account.

12. Using the Safaricom number given to you by the Seller, send them that amount of money to their MPesa account as payment for your Ethereum. The Ethereum Trader will then confirm your payment and then release the Ether you bought to You. This will be immediately reflected in your Web Browser after one second or two. By the way, always use modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Fire Fox when buying and Selling Ethereum from your Phone or your private Computer. If you have to use Opera Browser, do not use the Opera mini because it does not refresh on its own.

13. Once a trader has released Ethereum to you, at the very top of your Web Browser, topmost right, click that square button just below the Address Bar to go to Home screen, then select Wallet. You will now see the balance in your My Wallet, something like ETH 0.6163 and its Kenya Shillings equivalent right below it. Something like KShs 6000. Refresh your button a few seconds after you have sent your MPESA payment and your Ethereum value will be reflected in your My Wallet in your Web Browser. That is now your Ethereum. Congratulations you now have your first Ethereum !

Ethereum Balance in your Wallet showing Equivalent value in Kenya Shillings
Ethereum Balance in your Wallet showing Equivalent value in Kenya Shillings

14. After your first MPESA Ethereum purchase, you can decide to Buy anything you wish with your Ethereum, you can even Buy other Crypto Coins with your Ethereum or even decide to Buy more and more Ethereum and wait for the value of Ethereum in the market to go Up then sell your Ethereum to make lots of Profits.

That’s all ! Now you know how to Buy Ethereum with MPESA on Exchange.

Remember to Buy Ethereum when it is priced Low in Kenya Shillings value and Sell when it is priced High in Kenya Shillings to make it a profitable venture.

How to Buy Ethereum with Kenya Shillings from your Bank Account in Kenya

Prefer Bank to MPesa? If you are looking for an easier and safe way to Buy Ethereum with Kenya Shillings and Pay with your Specific Bank Account, the criteria you adhere to is the same one as that of Buying Ethereum with MPesa. What you will need to do is to find Ethereum Traders who accept Bank to Bank transfer and Credit their Bank Account via PesaLink or if you are both in the same Bank, you transfer Kenya Shillings from your Bank Account Straight to their Bank Account

In the same way an Ethereum Trader issues you with their MPesa number or Till NO to credit their Safaricom’s Mobile Money wallet, the Ethereum Trader will give you their Bank Name e.g. ‘National Bank of Kenya‘ or ‘Equity Bank‘ or any other Bank in Kenya, and their ‘Bank Account Number‘. Just those Two (2) details only and maybe their name in some exception cases. 

The Ethereum Trader from whom you are buying Ethereum from (i.e. the one Selling to you Ethereum) will then notify you to proceed and Credit their Bank Account. Do not take long to do so. 

Once the Ethereum Trader confirms you have honored your part of the Deal by sending the required amount to their Bank Account, they will promptly release Ethereum to your Ethereum Wallet. It is that simple. You can Get all Active Ethereum Traders in Kenya, from whom you can Buy Ethereum by crediting their Kenyan Bank Accounts at

That’s it !

Once again, remember to Buy Ethereum when it is priced Low in Kenya Shillings value and Sell when it is priced High in Kenya Shillings to make it a profitable venture.

Happy Ethereum Trading ! 

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