How to choose a Good Bitcoin Account User Name in Kenya

Bitcoin Account User Name
Bitcoin Account User Name
Bitcoin Account User Name

Struggling to come up with a Good Bitcoin Account User Name that can Help you Get Recognized and Remembered by other Kenyan Bitcoin Traders?

When you finally decide that you want to open a Bitcoin Wallet account for Bitcoin Trading also commonly known as a Bitcoin Account for Trading in Bitcoin, you soon realize that every other Bitcoin Exchange requires you to come up with a unique Bitcoin Account User Name.

Almost everything you do online nowadays requires you to come up with a unique User Name for your account.

Opening a Twitter account and opening an E-mail account for example, requires you to choose a unique User Name for your Account.

A User Name for your account is something like e.g. DigitalCryptoCoinsKe for this Blog’s Twitter account or subsequently, this e-mail address for this Blog’s E-mail account.

If you have an E-mail account or Twitter Account or Instagram account or are usually engaged on other online activities, you have a User Name account for that online Platform as well.

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User Names for accounts are a basic important requirement when creating your online accounts like on Twitter and your E-mail as they make it possible for you to Login to your account and make it easy for your colleagues, friends and family to establish connection with you thru which they can get in touch with you and communicate with you.

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Imagine how hard it would be to send someone an e-mail if you did not know their e-mail account address?

Another example, How hard would it be for you to read tweets of your ex-girl friend (that one of 5 years agoyes that one) to guesstimate what are her objective views about some certain current social trends where everyone is commenting about and weighing in with their views on twitter if you did not know what her twitter account was?

You get the plot now, right? You need to know what is the user name of her twitter account !

If you know her twitter account User Name you can lurk around her twitter profile to read almost all her tweets that is if she has not blocked you.

I am not encouraging you to be a stalker! Hey but if you know, you know!

I am not an Instagram fan nor do I run an active Instagram account but I guess you now see the significance attached to having a User Name. 

A User Name for your Bitcoin Account serves the same purpose as what a unique User Name does for your E-mail account or Twitter account or Instagram account only that there’s more significance attached to a User Name for your Bitcoin Account as I will be explaining shortly.

If you want to create a User Name for your Bitcoin Account for purposes of Buying and Selling Bitcoin on a Bitcoin Exchange, it is very important to take a critical thought about the particular name that you choose to use for your Bitcoin Account.

There is a reason why a Person will choose a given User Name for their online platform like Twitter, Instagram or Gmail.

The reasons we choose certain User Names for our online accounts over other User Names are only well known to us because we sometimes attach a special meaning to them.

Why did you choose the User Name you have for your E-mail account, Twitter account or Instagram account? Do you still use the same User Name for your E-mail account you had 5 to 10 years ago?

I cannot correctly determine why you chose a particular User Name for your E-mail account, Twitter account or Instagram account but I will now tell you why it is essential to put much consideration and thought into the User Name you choose to use for your Bitcoin account and later on show you Examples of Bad User Names and Good User Names for your Bitcoin Account and How your User Name may impact either Positively or Negatively in your Buying and Selling of Bitcoin on a Bitcoin Exchange like Paxful.

Online accounts’ User Names chronicles

What information can you deduce from a Person’s Bitcoin account’s User Name?

Did you know that the Bitcoin account’s User Name that you decide to use tells something about you?

Choosing a Good User Name for your Kenyan Bitcoin Profile Trading Account

Remember at the very beginning I mentioned that we sometimes choose User Names for our accounts based on the special attachment we have for that User Name.

This maybe is our subconscious mind wanting to communicate something to the outside world about something or somebody we hold dear, feelings, views and reservations we have about people, things and issues happening around us or something like that.

Sometimes it is a sports team that we support or a football icon we adore, a musician, a political party, a pet we love, a place we like and somehow, we feel compelled to indirectly let the whole world know about it through the User Names we create for our online accounts.

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Examples of online Bitcoin Account User Names Kenyans use and the Stories People can derive about their owners

  • FlomumIanKWest
  • johnnyMchelsea99
  • Emily_Moraa
  • BeckyMcuteMsweetest
  • RasMartoLionUngemi
  • beiberNiBaeWangu
  • CateWaOtis
  • PikipikiYaMachakos0729xxxx97
  • UberKush
  • Mtwapa_Spa_n_massage_Halima_tu
  • IshmaelMutua
  • Locust_ya_meru

Let’s agree that at some point in time while up and about on internet, you have come across online accounts with spectacular User Names like these on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on E-mail accounts and other Social Media Platforms as well.

Now let’s take a closer peek at every one of these possible User Names and begin to speculate!

Wewe sema mimi niko na udaku but I will let my imaginations and speculations run wild on all of these names!

Did your mind conjure up anything in relation to any of these User Names?

Let me know what you thought about everyone of the persons behind these User Names and whether they resembled anything close to how I attempted to describe them here below based on the perceptions I would have for such like names.

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Is probably a first-time mom of a kid named Ian who resides in Kahawa West.

She could be single, in her early twenties and her first name may be Florence, Florencia or something like that.

As you can tell, she is so much attached to her kid Ian and that her whole world revolves around Ian.

If she is doing business, she is hustling for her kid.

Would you Buy Bitcoins from someone with a User Name like FlomumIanKWest?

Let me know if you would trust or have second opinions about trading Bitcoin with someone with a name like this one.


This one is a Chelsea fanatic whose first name is John.

While registering for his account, he may have wanted to use the User Name johnnyMchelsea but unluckily for him that name was already taken, so Gmail suggested he adds 99 (his birth year) at the end of the User Name he proposed to use and that’s how he ended up with the User Name johnnyMchelsea99.

Based on this name you can tell that the boy is yet to join college or could be in college as of this time of writing circa 2019 and a fan of the Chelsea football club.

Boy child is also likely to be deep in betting and stuff like that and even though I would not be able to tell much about this kid johnnyMchelsea I do not think if they were a Bitcoin trader they would be in a hurry to send me my Bitcoin after a purchase.

I do not see anything that would compel them to quickly send me my MPesa after selling Bitcoin to them considering that if he is with his friends around him, they are discussing football or debating yesterday’s football scores and their bets which did not go thru.


This is someone who I guess has been around on the internet for some time now.

She probably is a blogger, an entrepreneur, a reputable social media influencer, someone in a leadership post of a well-known company or an institution, a coach or someone who understands the significance of having a User Name account that resembles their true identity and is keen on building a brand name for her online endeavors that will distinguish her from any other Emily Moraas that will crop up on the internet in the future whether genuine or shadow accounts.

She has a purpose and a mission and the social media accounts’ User Name that she uses on internet is a vehicle she leverages to reach out to a specific audience to build a rapport, confidence and trust with.

Her audience could be her fans, existing clients, prospective clients, followers of a charity mission she started, followers of a movement she started etc.

It is safe to deduce that a User Name like Emily_Moraa belongs to that of a Professional.

She had the presence of mind to make herUser Name be easy to remember, she used the upper cases correctly to bring out her real name within their User Name account.

She did not attempt to use a coy User Name like emiBabeMCute as that would arouse all manner of mixed feelings and cause confusion among her followers.

Imagine emiBabeMCute is the instagram account of a Women Representative of County X? Anyone with such a user name in a leadership position would be disrespecting herself and losing respect from the people who look up to them as a leader.

Hope you get it? If a Bitcoin Trader has a User Name account that is plain simple and straight forward like Emily_Moraa, I would not have any reservations about Buying Bitcoin from someone with a User Name like her but would be a bit skeptical if her Bitcoin account had a User Name like emiBabeMCute.


I do not know what you think about this User Name but if your guess is as good as mine, this is a young lady who has recently cleared high school or is a fresher or a sophomore in college.

Rebecca wants you to know from her profile account’s User Name that she is the fairest of them all. Maybe I am wrong!

For now the world belongs to BeckyMcuteMsweetest and you better acknowledge the same and proceed to like and love every one of her insta photos. She cherishes all the nice and cute things you say about all her online photo posts and she replies back with “thanks dear” typed in lower case even if she does not know you.

Besides the usual funfair, she will occasionally be giving unsolicited for advice about relationships and all her girlfriends will be liking and approving of the same as the gospel truth.


This one be some reggae music fanatic who wants his ilk and those who form part of his circle group to address him as Ras Marto.

His real name could be Martin Kimuhu.

Ras Marto has a smart phone and he checks in online on those days when he has done a trade off with his money to buy Data Bundles instead of buying the Green Leaves stimulant ( those foliage leaves popularly sold at bus stops … you know those vegetables you ingest with chewing gum and sprite …. Mmmh!)

When you show intent to Buy Bitcoin from Ras Marto on Paxful Bitcoin Exchange, on the message reply, Ras Marto’s reply be something like, Wagwan Lion! Bitcoin coming fe right now!  Send di frackles first!

Do you have as much confidence as I do to trade KShs 55,000 worth of Bitcoin with RasMartoLionUngemi and get paid? Kumbuka huyu ni Ras wa Kangemi, pale fly over!

If 25 minutes go by since you sent him Bitcoins and you have still not received your cash from him or heard from him, I wonder what will be going thru your mind when any scent you pick from the air like that of an old truck’s exhaust feels like someone is doing the holy weed across the wall.


A User Name account like this one will undoubtedly be that of a post high school girl before she enlists for college or maybe in her first year of college.

She loves and knows all the tracks done by Justin Beiber line by line.

In High School they nicknamed her Beiber’s bae.

I doubt she will make her 5th Bitcoin trade before she gets conned and if she has met bad actors in the Bitcoin trade before you decide to Buy Bitcoin from her, she will exercise so much caution leading to unacceptable delays that will impact negatively on your timed Bitcoin trades especially if you are angling for those margins that make the difference for you as a Bitcoin day trader.

Best of luck in trying to demonstrate the urgency of your Bitcoin trade to beiberNiBaeWangu when all your Verification details are in order while she takes her sweet time to release your Bitcoin from escrow after 20 minutes since you credited her MPesa account.

For her and others like her, this Bitcoin thing is something they are doing as they pass time while they await to enroll for college or they were just introduced to it the other day and it is something they are experimenting with in the meantime.

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She is married and off the radar. She is off limits! 

Yeye ni wa Kennedy Otieno or George Otieno or another Otieno.

Now, if you are like me and like to flirt with people just for the heck of it and share light moments, folks like CateWaOtis stick to Buying and Selling of Bitcoins only.

They are hustling for their family and take the business they are engaged in seriously.

That’s my take. You need to do your due diligence.

If you can verify their particulars and confirm that several other traders have given them positive feedback, someone with a User Name like this one can be reliable persons to transact with.

I Wonder if Otis would ever dare have a User Name like OtisWaCate for his online account’s User Name.

I do not think I would have much confidence with someone with a user name like OtisWaCate.

They would come off as someone who is hustling by all means because the woman of the house issued ultimatums and Otis has to bring money at home in the evening whether it was justly earned or he conned unsuspecting people on internet in the pretext of delivering Bitcoin to them.


If they are not a comedian, this is likely a bodaboda guy who is a bit smarter than other guys who ply the same trade as him in Machakos.

He has an online presence and he hopes to build a clientele group that will form the next base for his customers.

If he is bright enough and witty, he will engage in forums within his region and join groups within his locality where he can create more awareness about the bodaboda business he does.

Would I buy Bitcoin or Sell Bitcoin from PikipikiYaMachakos0729xxxx97? No sir! Why? This is someone whose mainline business is ferrying goods and people from one place to another on a motor bike or anything with an engine on two wheels ( a nduthi as is popularly known among folks from Central Kenya ) . He would not be focused on his Bitcoin side hustle enough to release Bitcoins in good time or process a Bitcoin sale in good time where every second counts.

Imagine if he gets a client call to go make an urgent package delivery at a Bus stop and while enroute he gets another call to pick another of his loyal clients to take them to a nearby town? Do you think he would bother to finalize the Bitcoin transaction you started with him when other businesses that promise him immediate cash show up? He will leave you to your own devices with little to no regard for your time and the loss he may expose you to if Bitcoin prices go up or down and your Bitcoin trade ends up being loss.

Note: Always make sure that every time before you trade with a Bitcoin trader, you check their Profile for the average time they take to release Bitcoin. If it goes past 5 minutes that is someone you should avoid. Most professional Bitcoin Traders can release Bitcoin to you in 1 to 3 minutes after you Pay them.

I swear even if it is pikiPiki_ya_Karen or pikiPiki_ya_Kileleshwa if you have such a User Name as a Bitcoin trader I will avoid you like a bad omen. 

What risks do you think you are exposed to in real life if you decide to commute on a pikiPiki_ya_Kayole that is painted in Rasta colors or it has bright green and yellow colors like a Forward Travelers 1960 matatu with blaring reggae music turned on?

Na PIKI_piki_ya_Dandora je?

Wargase and folks from Mogadishu ndogo in Dandora be like, “walahi mimi hiyo hapandi !”

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Just like PikipikiYaMachakos0729xxxx97 this is someone who is into driving cabs.

Kuria story za Uber ndio zake.

He would not be a reliable Bitcoin Trader while juggling between his Uber business and Bitcoin trading. Men have never been known to be good at multitasking at all. He would suck up at Bitcoin trading.


This is much more like a Spa and Massage parlour in Mtwapa Mombasa that is being run by an enterprising lady by the name Halima.

For a Massage parlour this would be the most ideal name for pitching business for your services if your name is Halima and you are based in Mombasa and want to even direct your prospective clients with precision to where you are based at in Mtwapa.

For your Bitcoin account User Name, tweak a name like this to reflect that you are a Bitcoin Trader otherwise it would not be a best fit for use as an online  User Name that is not related to business ventures that are not related to offering the services of a Spa and a Massage parlour.


Ishmael Mutua looks like someone who would exude the same professional traits of Emily_Moraa above.

If their his User Name is anything to go with, this account’s User Name passes the first test of someone with whom who you can trade Bitcoin with if they pass other checks like e.g. if his Verification details are in order and other persons who have traded with him have left positive feedback for him.


Honestly, I do not know what to say about this one but have you ever wondered where your lost smartphone ended up after it was pickpocketed from you when you were alighting from a PSV bus or matatu in a sketchy street of the city when the conductor abruptly interrupted, “Hapa ndio mwisho! Shukeni na jam” and then a creepy character kept pushing you from behind while making it look like he could step from behind and alight before you do because you seemed hesitant to disembark from a moving bus?

Me I think characters with discreet names like this one and this other one supu_ya_viazi stack up together in this category of sketchy weirdos!

Good luck trying to understand if locust_ya_meru really hails from Meru or it is that of some civil servant working in the ministry of agriculture who has been tasked with surveying the damage caused to farmers’ crops by locusts. There is no way I am Buying Bitcoin from someone with a Bitcoin account User Name like this one. They could locust my Bitcoins.

I swear if I meet someone pitching a Bitcoins sale to me and they have a phony name with an insect name like locust_ya_meru and I happen to have a doom spray insecticide can (ile dawa ya mende) nearby, I will grab it and empty it on them. The doom spray insecticide can has some inscription somewhere where it says, “ it kills all crawlies and insects“.

I have shown you examples of some sample accounts’ User Names that people use for their online accounts including for their Bitcoin accounts.

You can now tell which ones are Good and which ones are a Bad idea especially for use on a Bitcoin Exchange.

Go thru the examples of all the sample accounts’ User Names listed here again to understand which examples would be OK for use on a Bitcoin Exchange like Paxful and which ones would ruin your chances of making successful Bitcoin trades.

Let’s now look at the impacts for Good and Bad Bitcoin account User Names and wind this up.

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Negative Impacts for Bad Bitcoin account User Names

What constitutes a Bad Bitcoin account User Name? How does a Bad Bitcoin account User Name affect your Bitcoin Trade? What are the impacts of having a Bad Bitcoin account User Name?

  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account makes you look unprofessional in your dealings.
  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account unconsciously invokes negative bias in people’s minds. For instance, a User Name like johnnyMchelsea99, will be avoided because they look inexperienced because of their age or simply because your Prospective Client hates football or the football club you support.
  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account works against you if you seem / appear to proselytize views, opinions or beliefs that rub your prospective client the wrong way. You end up losing Bitcoin clients this way. Keep your extremes, fetishes and ideologies to yourself.  Bitcoin accounts User Names like RasMartoLionUngemi and beiberNiBaeWangu fall into that category and you should never use such like User Names for your Bitcoin account.
  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account screams that you have all the hallmarks of being a fraudster and Bitcoin Buyers will not rust you with their money. Would you have confidence to transact a Bitcoin trade of KShs 100,000 with a Bitcoin Trader whose account’s User Name is locust_ya_meru?
  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account makes it impossible if not hard for prospective clients to verify your true identity and instead of them running into a risk of trading with someone who may not honor their part of the deal, they give you a wide berth and trade with other Bitcoin Traders even if their Bitcoin prices are highly priced than yours.
  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account could entice scammers and fraudsters to you. Imagine someone preying on johnnyMchelsea99 and beiberNiBaeWangu Bitcoin account User Names because their Bitcoin account User Names apparently give them away as naïve kids who started on this Bitcoin thing the other day and can be easily manipulated as they may not understand a thing or two  about trading in Bitcoins which would open a door for them to be exploited.
  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account will work against you when versifications have to be done and your account User Name is nowhere close to your true real identity and there’s nothing else to help prove otherwise.
  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account will give you issues when making Payments or receiving Payments via MPesa or via Bank and ultimately delay your trades or make you lose Bitcoin trades altogether.
  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account can easily attract Fraudsters who will create similar proxy User Names which resemble your Bitcoin User Name to defraud people and make people think it is you who defrauded them. Good luck in defending yourself when your Bitcoin User Name is by itself already spooky. Imagine someone creating a counterfeit account like CateWaOtieno to pass off as that of CateWaOtis ? By the time people figure out that CateWaOtieno is not CateWaOtis, they will have most likely lost their money or Bitcoins to a fraudster.
  • A Bad User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account like PikipikiYaMachakos0729xxxx97 makes people think that you are not serious about being a Bitcoin Trader as your efforts seem to be concentrated elsewhere.
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Positive Impacts for Good Bitcoin account User Names

What constitutes a Good Bitcoin account User Name? How does a Good Bitcoin account User Name influence positively your Bitcoin Trades? What are the positive impacts of having a Good Bitcoin account User Name?

  • A Good User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account builds trust from the very onset with your prospective Bitcoin Buyers and those you Sell Bitcoin to.
  • A Good User Name is verifiable when you are transacting with MPesa or via Bank where true identities are required.
  • A Good User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account builds confidence with clients you have transacted with you before and this helps you get more return business from them.
  • A Good User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account prevents panic cancellations of Bitcoin trades that were initiated based on pricing but had to be abandoned after the User Name invoked feelings of distrust or unprofessionalism to your prospective client.
  • A Good User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account helps you build a reputation that you can transfer elsewhere e.g. onto other Crypto Coins Exchanges and Bitcoins Exchanges where Bitcoin Buyers and Bitcoin Sellers will be able to recognize you when you diversify your portfolio e.g. when you start selling Bitcoin on another Bitcoin Exchange.
  • A Good User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account helps you earn Positive feedback from contented Bitcoin buyers who delighted in your Professional and Quick Bitcoin Trade.
  • A Good User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account would help in Quick Identification and Verification of your Identity Documents when the Bitcoin Exchange requires you to submit proof of your National Identity or Passport in order to be vetted and allowed to continue Buying and Selling Bitcoin on a Bitcoin Exchange.
  • A Good User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account is least suspected to be that of a Fraudster especially if previous Buyers of Bitcoin from you have left Positive feedback for you and hence there will be more Bitcoin Buyers and Bitcoin sellers willing to Buy and Sell Bitcoin to you because your User Name does not invoke mixed feelings to your prospective Bitcoin Buyers and all your Bitcoin Clients.
  • A Good User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account will ultimately get referrals from your previous Bitcoin Buyers. People who have been delighted about your good service will also say kind words about you to their friends. It is safe to refer your family or friend to Buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin account User Name that looks Professional and is straight forward and easy to remember e.g. Ishmael Mutua and Emily Moraa unlike when you are telling your Brother to buy Bitcoin from a phony and sketchy name like locust_ya_meru .
  •  A Good User Name for your Bitcoin Exchange account is your first line of defense when shit hits the fan. Imagine if 3rd party persons have to be called in to arbitrate a Bitcoin trade gone sour and a Bitcoin client has wrongly accused and reported you for dealing them a raw deal and here you are having that phony Bitcoin account User Name like PIKI_piki_ya_Dandora. Who do you think will be on your side when you have a User Name account like that? Even when innocent, a User Name like that can draw all manner of biased misfortunes on you. So avoid using unprofessional Bitcoin account User Names by all means.
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That’s all. I hope this post helps you choose a Good User Name when registering for a FREE Bitcoin account Bitcoin account at an online Bitcoin Exchange.

Check out some Examples of Bitcoin accounts User Names currently being used on Bitcoin Exchanges by Kenyans right here and determine for yourself which ones are Good and which ones were a Bad idea.

Lastly, do not forget to Verify your Bitcoin Account once you register for one. Learn from this article here Why you should verify your Bitcoin Account in Kenya and the Benefits you get from using a Verified Bitcoin Account in Kenya.

Happy Bitcoin Trading!

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By Joseph Muithi

I am a Tech Enthusiast and a Bitcoins Evangelist who is on a mission to Teach, Blog and Create awareness about Bitcoins and Altcoins in Kenya and Africa at large.

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